Realizing I held on too tightly while the other person let go is a strange thing to realize.

It makes me feel foolish to tie things so tight.

Knots can always be untied.


ben got a message today asking if he was in a relationship and he replied saying he’s not. two people replied to his post defending our bromance saying he’s not available. real talk thx guys

team benlex (our names do not make for a good mash up. it sounds like it should be the name of an anti acid tum or laxatives)

Team Bex


I just have to say that padfoot-prongs is literally one of the best people I have ever had the chance to meet and I feel so frickin’ fortunate. They teach me so many things every day / make me remember that slowing down is ok and that we’re all just tiny humans who are simply trying to get by and they are so careful and kind and you guyysss. Ugh. Not to mention that god dang smile.


~*heart eyes*~